Portable gluten test for coeliacs and gluten sensitive diners

An American company (6SensorLabs) has developed, and started taking pre-production orders, for a handheld gluten detecting device.  The device, named “Nima,” is triangular in shape, and is approximately 3 1/2 inches tall by 3 inches wide, and a little less than an inch thick.

Gluten concerned diners can place a sample of food into a “test pod”, and then place the sample into the device.  Approximately two minutes later, the device indicates with a smiley face, or a frowning face whether or not the sample has 20 parts per million or more of gluten present – the same level as is required by food manufacturers who choose to put a “gluten free” label on food packaging.

For people with coeliac disease, or indeed more commonly people with Gluten-sensitivity, who experience similar symptoms to those with coeliac disease, the device will potentially help eliminate gluten from their diets, and reduce the associated symptoms.

The company also aims to create similar devices that could test for peanut and dairy allergens, among other problematic ingredients.

Gluten free rice crispies
Gluten free rice crispies – one of the range of accredited gluten free products supplied by Orchard Valley Food Ingredients