Caramelised Sugars

Caramelised (or 'burnt') sugar syrups and powders are produced from sucrose or other common sugars in combination with water by controlled heating. No chemical additives are used, thus a natural caramel foodstuff with a natural flavour and colour is produced.

If an application benefits from an improvement and rounding to its flavour and aroma from the caramelised sugar syrups and powders, there is no requirement to state an E number for this ingredient. This is especially relevant when the scrutiny of E numbers by consumers and retailers has led to increasing up-stream pressure on manufacturers to remove them from their ingredients list.  The switch from Caramel [E150a] to caramelised sugar syrup or powder straightforwardly facilitates this.
When used as a flavour enhancing ingredient, caramelised sugar syrups or powders may also give the secondary benefit of enriching or standardising the colour of the product.

The range varies from lightly caramelised sweet, mild burnt sugars, to strongly roasted, tangy or harshly aromatic dark types of burnt sugar. The products can be supplied in liquid or powder form.

Applications include: beverages and spirits, dairy products and ice cream, sweets, soups and sauces, frozen food, delicatessen, bread and bakery products, flavourings, pet food and confectionery.