Complete Dry Mixes

Orchard Valley Foods Ingredients blending plant was installed from scratch, allowing us to set up the facility and the process around it to meet all the stringent allergen, HACCP, hygiene and quality standards that we and our customers require.
Typical of the product types are: crumble mix, flavoured icings, fat powder mix, brownie mix, sponge cake mix, yorkshire pudding mix, custard, potato mix, milk powder mix. The bakery blends can be made with up to around 18% fat. The quality attributes of the mixes are tested for each batch, and routinely the mixes are made up to finished product. An example of a typical OVFI blended product is given below.

The bulk blended product can then be packed in to a variety of formats and volumes: sachets of 15g to 1kg, or in bags of 2kg to 25kg - dependent on the product density.

We are also happy to take on projects to re engineer current products, perhaps driven by alternative fat formulation; to reduce cost, or to solve problems in the production process.

Our current capacity is of the order of 32 tonnes per day.