Gluten Free Cereals

The journal Food Manufacture estimates the UK free-from market will grow to £561 million by 2017 - a rate of growth of 46% from a 2013 base figure. In addition to individuals with diagnosed conditions, such as coeliacs, there is a wide population of people who are making lifestyle choices, and preferring to opt out of eating gluten.

Our supply partners for gluten free cereals start right back in the fields, with partnership farms, ensuring what is grown where. The control, segregation, and monitoring continues for harvesting, transport, milling and storage. Every batch produced is tested for gluten.

Many of the cereals in both the gluten-containing and gluten-free cereals categories are suitable for the production of baby food, following EU guide line 2006/125/EC. Residue levels for pesticides and herbicides, and mycotoxins are rigorously monitored. Fostering and maintaining long-term relationships with suppliers and the direct procurement of raw materials from producers enable the stringent requirements for the production of raw materials for the baby food industry to be fulfilled. The focus on the production of safe and residue-free cereals is supported by HACCP, pest control and hygiene systems.

A selection of products are reviewed in detail on the links via the names and photos below. In addition amaranth and quinoa are available, and across all of these gluten free cereals, flakes and flours, including wholegrain, are possible formats.