Milk & Whey Protein Concentrates

Milei use ultrafiltration to separate, then concentrate the protein fractions of both skimmed milk and whey. The total milk protein TMP is a concentrated skimmed milk where the protein content maintains the same ratio of casein to whey protein of 80:20 as found in liquid milk. The whey protein concentrates are available at different levels of protein content, depending on the level of ultrafiltration, ranging from 60 to 80% protein. In addition to the nutritional qualities of the WPCs, their functionality is an important consideration in their inclusion in various foods. Their high levels of branch chained amino acids means they support protein synthesis, and thus muscle growth and building when consumed, so they are used in sports nutrition. Their water binding properties mean they provide body and texture in yoghurt and fermented goods. Their emulsification properties make them useful functional additions to cakes, dressings, and soups. The Maillard browning that the proteins undergo, results in an appealing colour for bakery lines. The bland taste of whey protein concentrates means that other flavours in the food come through fully.