Roller Dried Fruits & Vegetables

This selection of roller dried fruits and vegetables are typical of the natural, additive free products created at the Rabeler Fruchtchips site in Penzberg, near Munich. In each case both organic and conventional products are available, and different particle sizes. The range shown is in flake form, which has particles of 8-10mm. Also possible are granular (<4mm) and powder (<300µm) sizes.

The roller drying process is a relative low energy processing technique. The purees are applied by application cylinders to give a c.1mm film on the heated, rotating drum dryer. Water evaporation is rapid, and contact time with the roller is minimised. This is important for the preservation of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and phytochemicals. Colours and taste remain close to the natural fruit too. The film comes off the rollers and is cooled and processed to the required size. In terms of ingredients declaration, the carrier is usually maize starch but others are available, including rice flour and maltodextrin.

For special applications such as dietetic foods, or infant feeding, additional testing would be required.

All the roller dried fruits and vegetable are processed in Germany. The raw materials are sourced worldwide, but European where possible.