Yeast Extracts

From soups to condiments, processed meat to seasoning – our yeast-based products provide a rich taste of their own, and can offer effective solutions for salt reduction or MSG replacement. Our yeast extracts are typically used at very low dosages, making them efficient and versatile ingredients for your recipe.


Code Product Form Type MOQ
20601020 Auxoferm Vitamin Yeast Kosher Dry Cell Wall 600Kg
20600020 Auxoferm Yeast Powder Kosher Powder Cell Wall 600Kg
4070000 BAKON Yeast Dry Smoked 600Kg
20907010 BFT Dry Dark / Roasted 600Kg
20911010 BOT Dry Brewers Yeast 600Kg
20912010 BOT Low Salt Dry Brewers Yeast 600Kg
20807010 BOV M Paste Dark / Roasted 600Kg
20923010 FLAV-R-BASE 19 Dry General 600Kg
20924010 FLAV-R-BASE 38 Dry General 600Kg
FLAV-R-Dark Dry Dark / Roasted 600Kg
20922010 FLAV-R-MAX Dry General 500Kg
20814010 FLAV-R-MAX Paste Paste General 480Kg
20927010 FLAV-R-OUND Low Salt Dry General 600Kg
20921010 FLAV-R-TIDE Low Salt Dry General 600Kg
20901010 KAT Dry Savoury 600Kg
20914010 KMXT Low Salt Dry Savoury 600Kg
20903010 KTD Dry Dark / Roasted 600Kg
20904010 KTDD Dry Dark / Roasted 600Kg
20930040 SAV-R-FULL Dry Savoury 500Kg
20930020 SAV-R-SWEET Dry Sweet 500Kg
20908010 STT Dry Savoury 600Kg
20808010 STV Paste Savoury 600Kg
20602010 Provesta® Boost IT Kosher Dry Savoury 600Kg